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A film by Benoit Pilon

David Boutin

Isabel Richer

Sophie Desmarais

In his early adult years Pierre Dalpé was a delinquent living from small theft and robberies mainly to pay for his dope. Today in his mid thirties, it is all behind. Thanks to his lovely wife, he is now the loving father of three children. He has done a small business for himself operating a modest float of garbage collection trucks. His wife is a social worker, helping young troubled ones to keep out of troubles like Dalpé once was. Madeleine was the one who got him out of the streets many years ago. Things start to change when the area where they live becomes the target of street gangs who are trying to expand their prostitution and drug business to new territories. When one of Dalpé’s young ones hurt himself with a stained syringe in the park., he decides to get involved and do something about it. One night, he is out with his friends to scare the marauder off when he violently shakes a young prostitute, Ève, 17 years old, junkie and frail. He abandons her on a pile of junk, but full of remorse he then becomes obsess by her memory. He finds her, wants to help her, but with her comes as well demons from the past that will challenge his stability…

29th Vancouver International Film Festival (Canada)

26th Namur International French-Speaking Film Festival (Belgium) - Official competition

40th Montreal International Festival of New Cinema (Canada) - Special presentation

30th Abitibi-Témiscamingue International Film Festival (Canada)

15th Cinéma du Québec à Paris (France)

2011 Cinéma du Québec à Nîmes (France)

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