• 7th Angouleme French-Speaking Film Festival (France)

  • 29th Namur International French-Speaking Film Festival (Belgium)

  • 2014 Seattle International Film Festival - French Cinema Now 2014 (USA)

  • 18th Cinéma du Québec à Paris (France)

La petite reine : Downfall of a champion

Réalisé par Alexis Durand Brault

Laurence Lebœuf

Patrice Robitaille

Denis Bouchard

Josée Deschênes

In the early 1990s, a young and charismatic bicycle racer triggers the attention of the Quebec bicycle racing fans. She performs so brilliantly that she is soon encouraged to aim for the World Junior Road Race. Her father finds her a personal trainer and the ex-athlete and the young girl immediately connect. Both are extremely ambitious and share a rare capacity to suffer under most severe and painful training methods. Their collaboration is intense and fruitful. A year later, suffering from extreme fatigue and anemia, the young champion is placed in front of the ultimate dilemma: to stop racing for many months or take EPO. She chooses to take the illegal substance. Follows a ten-year carreer marked by adulation and glory, then by doubts and suspicions and in the end, forever tarnished by lies and deception.

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