les folles aventures de simon konianski

Simon Konianski

Réalisé par Micha Wald

Jonathan Zaccaї


Nassim Ben Abdelmoumen

Simon (Jonathan Zaccaï) has gone back to stay with his father (Popeck) who, with the help of a kabbalist rabbi, tries by all means to get rid of this lazy, cumbersome jerk and marry him ASAP to a “nice little Jewish girl.” At 35, Simon still doesn’t hold a real job and earns a living serving as Guinea pig for the pharmaceutical industry. While separated from Corazon, a lovely Spanish dancer and the mother of his 6 year old son – Simon sees himself as a cartoon artists and Corazon’s brother Jorge, a rather sleazy inveterate pot smoker acts as his agent. When his father dies, Simon respects his last wishes to be put to rest in his native village lost deep down at the other end of Ukraine. Simon then finds himself embarked on a breathtaking road-movie with his old and paranoid ant and uncle. The trip will be everything but a cruise on the Nile!

7th Paris Cinema Film Festival (France)

24th Namur International French-Speaking Film Festival (Belgium)

4th Rome International Film Festival (Italy)

39th Kyiv MOLODIST International Film Festival (Ukraine)

26th Tübingen-Stuttgart International French-Speaking Film Festival (Germany)

36th Brussels International Independent Film Festival (Belgium)

2009 Vienna Jewish Film Festival (Austria)

2009 Brno French-Speaking Film Festival (Czech Republic)

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