Elles étaient cinq

The Five of us







Manon Cloutier, 32, accepts a dinner invitation from her colleague Stéphane Lebeau. Romance is on the menu! A few days later, still aglow from this fledgling relationship, Manon is going through the carwash when she becomes completely distraught at the glimpse of a man with tattooed arms. Terrified, Manon hurries home and locks herself up. So begins a series of flashbacks. She remembers a summer day, when she was 17, when she and her girlfriends, Annie, Claudie, Isa and Sophie, are getting ready for a party at Sophie’s parent’s cottage. She remembers how much fun they used to have together then and she remembers the young tattooed man who gave her a lift in his Jeep as she hitchhiked on the very night of the party. Since that time, Manon has steadfastly refused to see her old friends: her survival depends on avoiding anything that could remind her of the tragedy that marked her young life. But 15 years later, she realizes that despite all Stéphane’s kind attentions, only her childhood friends can really help her overcome her pain. Returning to Sophie’s cottage for the first time in 15 years, Manon finally tells her friends everything she has been holding in. Will she manage to turn the page on this dark episode in her life and find the happiness she so deserves?

2004 Montreal World Film Festival (Canada)

Opening film and Awarded for Best Artistic Contribution

Most Popular Canadian Film

2005 Toronto Genie Awards (Canada) - two times nominees

2005 Montreal Jutra Award (Canada) - seven times nominees (including "Best Film")

2004 Namur International French-Speaking Film Festival (Belgium) - Official competition

2004 Pusan International Film Festival (Korea)

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