• 2007 Toronto Gemini Awards (Canada) – Nominations :

  • Nominations : Best TV Movie

  • Nominations : Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (Kathleen Robertson)

  • Nominations : Best Photography (Norayr Kasper)

last exit

Last Exit

Réalisé par John Fawcett

Kathleen Robertson

Andrea Roth

Linden Ashby

Ben Bass

Last Exit follows a single day in the lives of Beth Welland (Kathleen Robertson) and Diana Burke (Andrea Roth), two young mothers following seemingly different paths. Beth is a single mom to Benji, a young boy confined to a wheelchair and their cramped apartment overlooking an expressway. Though she seems to take it all in stride, a mounting desperation lurks beneath her sunny disposition. In contrast, Diana is a married mother of two with a successful career in advertising. But her drive to keep everyone else happy hides her anxiety that she may be in way over her head. Last Exit explores the causes and tragic consequences when the lives of two very normal but stressed out women collide. Set against the gritty urban landscape and traffic-clogged highways, the film proves that once you’ve been pushed to the last exit, there is no turning back

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