• 2014 Toronto International Film Festival (Canada)

  • 29th Namur International French-Speaking Film Festival (Belgium) – Opening film and Official competition

  • 2014 Rome Film Festival (Italy)

  • 33rd Abitibi-Temiscamingue International Film Festival (Canada)

  • 20th Montreal CINEMANIA Francophone Film Festival (Canada)

Tokyo Fiancée

Réalisé par Stefan Liberski

Pauline Étienne

Taichi Inoue

Julie Le Breton

In her early twenties, a young Belgium woman comes back to Japan where she lived her early childhood. Upon her arrival she starts to give private French teaching lessons. Her first student, Rinri will become her lover. He will show her the unusual Japan, the real and colorful country miles away from postcards. She sails on this adventure where Nippon gastronomy and eroticism are interlaced. But Rinri his falling in love and wants to marry her. Amélie is uncertain, troubled by the young man. She does not know if she wants or not this involvement at this stage in her life. Her heart swings between yes and no, Japan and Europe, between teenage and adulthood. Then turmoil arrives in the face of the Fukushima disaster. Rinri insist she leaves for security, he wishes her back in Europe. In a heart-rending reversal, the disaster will show her what she was blind to; the love she had for this young man.

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