• 2010 Vancouver International Film Festival (Canada)


Réalisé par Alexis Durand Brault

Patrick McKenna

Julie Le Breton

Jim Fenton, fiftyish, is the very portrait of success. Good-looking, smart, articulate and rich with an incisive sense of humour, he is set to marry Isabelle, some twenty years his junior and the “love of his life”. Scratch the surface however and a much darker character emerges through the perfect façade. Jim is terrified of aging and he visits a private clinic for injections more often than others go to the gym. He is also terminally jealous. Rather than seek help, he has let these cancers grow. He tries his best to hide his growing jealousy. But even that leaves him wanting, and so he conspires to have her implanted with a GPS, allowing him to spy on his “loved one” where ever she goes. When Isabelle learns of the subterfuge, Jim’s house of cards predictably begins to fall apart. Everywhere, a romantic morality tale, explores the paranoia of love pushed to its most extreme. And yet, when everything seems hopelessly lost, we learn there is always a path, narrow it may be, to redemption.

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