voleur de chevaux

Horse Thieves

Directed by Micha Wald

Adrien Jolivet

Grégoire Colin

Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet

François-René Dupont

The story is set in the 18th century – somewhere in the Ukraine.

Jakub is a young man who was recently expelled from his band of Cossacks for having his horse stolen. Elias and Roman are two brothers who survive in the woods & stealing horses.

Horse Thieves is an adventure film but also the story of Jakub’s quest, the young and shamed Cossack who will spare nothing and no one to regain his honor and dignity. The story confronts the two pairs of brothers, each of them trapped in an intense and infernal love-hate relationship. Jakub, his young brother Vladimir and the horse thieves (Roman and Elias) live in the woods, self relying, away from society. Without restraints and boundaries, the young men let themselves slip into their most profound nature, wild and violent and at the same time magnificent. All of them have an intuitive understanding, a nearly organic connection with horses, forest, water. They actually are the “product” of the surrounding nature. This film is about four young men, lost between the end of adolescence and the beginning of adulthood, lost in themselves and profoundly alone.

2007 Cannes International Film Festival (France) - 46e Semaine Internationale de la Critique

5th Brussels European Film Festival (Belgium)

5th Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia (Mexico)

51st London Film Festival (England)

36th Montreal Festival of New Cinema (Canada)

16th Paris Quinzaine du Cinéma Francophone (France)

21st Acadie International French-Speaking Film Festival (Canada)

9th Vlissingen FILM BY THE SEA International Film Festival (Netherlands)

12th Pusan International Film Festival (Korea)

37th Kyiv MOLODIST International Film Festival (Ukraine)

2nd Rome International Film Festival (Italy) - New Cinema Network

10th Skopje Film Festival (Macedonia)

35th Belgrade International Film Festival (Serbia)

29th Noordelijk Film Festival (Netherlands)

4th Do Amazonas Film Festival (Brasilia) - JURY PRIZE

18th Stockholm International Film Festival (Sweden)

2008 Reykjavik International Film Festival (Iceland)

2008 Mumbai Film Festival (India)

7th Tiburon International Film Festival (USA)

2008 Toronto CINEFRANCO Francophone International Film Festival (Canada)

17th Philadelphia International Film Festival (USA)

Festival du film francophone 2008 - Athènes et Thessalonique (Grèce) – Prix du jury

2008 Athens Francophone Film Festival (Greece) - JURY PRIZE

1st Cologne EXPOSED Film Festival (Germany)

54th Pula Film Festival (Croatia)

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